Clean air deliveries forfinal mile couriers

Last / Final mile delivery is exactly that

  • It’s the last leg of the delivery, from a transportation hub to the final delivery destination, which tends to be the customer’s home address or workplace.

    Many sustainable courier companies such as our courier partners have sprung up that are quicker and more environmentally friendly than the person in the diesel van.  Good news then?

    Maybe, as the term final mile suggests it is just that from the distribution hub.  The question is how your parcel got to the distribution hub in the first place?

    In just about every case it will be by lorry causing pollution and congestion.  Next time you receive parcels from a cycle courier just ask yourself.  What about the hundreds of miles in between.

    However there are some truly environmentally conscious couriers that we recommend.  

    With an expanding network if you are a sustainable courier companies InterCity RailFreight would like to hear from you.

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