Online shopping isn't necessarily as green as people might think.

That last kilometre to your door is costly, for companies and for the environment. There is some positive news, as various online retailers are starting to lower their carbon footprint by investing in electric delivery vehicles. However, the question of how to deal with returns efficiently and without waste is a challenge that many companies have not wanted to face.

As online shoppers become aware of what companies are doing, and campaign groups demand urgent action in the face of the climate and ecological emergency, there is increasing pressure for companies and consumers to take responsibility for the environmental impact of their activities.

simple fact

There is no such thing as free delivery despite what they tell you.  You knew that right?

Electric vehicles and cycle logistics will ever only solve half the issues of pollution and congestion in our towns and cities. 

There are better solutions that will ensure Clean Air Deliveries.

Clean air deliveries for consumers

  • You care about climate change
  • You care about pollution 
  • You care about congestion in our towns and cities

You shop online which contributes to the above


Clean Air Deliveries was created to give you ideas on how to shop online without contributing to climate change, air pollution and congestion.

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