To highlight this once in a lifetime opportunity and promote the use of rail as a sustainable congestion free delivery solution to the rise in online shopping post COVID19.

Clean air deliveries can be made in non-public areas of  scheduled passenger trains which allows small volumes of freight to be moved at speeds of up to 125mph, for little or no appreciable increase in emissions – providing a low-carbon delivery solution, enhanced by use of cargo bikes and electric delivery vehicles at each end of the rail journey.

Why move fresh air when we could move urgent medical supplies on a train that was making the journey anyway?

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To provide the latest news on air pollution and congestion and what can be done to reduce both in our towns and cities.


The railways have seen a drop of 70% in passenger numbers due to COVID 19.  Each rail passenger journey taken in the UK since lockdown has cost the taxpayer about £100 in subsidies, with billions of pounds of government money spent on running near-empty services.

Statistics released by the Department for Transport (DfT) for 2018 show that across services in and out of fourteen major UK centres, close to five million empty seats were transported around the network on off-peak services.

What if that spare capacity could be used for deliveries?

Simple example road versus rail

Leeds to London by road:

Road Congestion = delays

Congestion charges = expense

Ultra – low emission zones = problems delivering to customers

Frequency = once a day

Leeds to London by rail

Road Congestion = zero and twice as fast

Congestion charges = zero

Ultra – low emission zones = we deliver to the city centre

Frequency = The train is going there 13 times a day

High speed trains and a last mile green delivery solution reduce emissions by 75% compared to road.

No effect at all on timetables, the trains would run as normal.  InterCity RailFreight has all the security in place and is fully insured.


As the train is going there anyway in certain circumstances the cost is less than road transport.  It also reduces pollution and cuts congestion.

Plus this would generate revenue for the train companies and  could reduce the current subsidy paid by the government. 

Currently InterCity Railfreight delivers high value urgent items and lifesaving medicines.

Depends on the train operator and the government.  Given it would be a new form of revenue we would ask why not?

It is. 

Clean Air Deliveries is sponsored by InterCity RailFreight that has been providing this service for ten years!  Which suggests to us that it works.

This is why we are asking the government, DFT and the Treasury to help raise awareness and expand this concept UK wide. 

If you would like a cleaner environment in which to live for you and your children with less pollution and congestion at zero cost or risk. 

Help by recommending Clean Air Deliveries to a friend raising the issue with your MP and subscribe to our newsletter.

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Why your support is important

We believe this simple idea could reduce government subsidies, improve air quality which costs the NHS billions in treatment

Reduce congestion in our towns and cities.

Lower the cost of rail travel for everyone.

Question is what do you think?

Please let us know by taking our poll the results we will pass on to those that make decisions.

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